About Simulation

Medical simulation is an innovative way to train healthcare professionals using advanced technology. Learners participate in a realistic healthcare setting using a high-tech mannequin, wirelessly operated by instructors, to serve as a patient. The patient simulation can be digitally streamed live to other learners.

Simulation is valuable because it avoids the use of live patients for skills practice and provides important technical training before providers treat humans. Surgeons and other providers learn and enhance their cognitive, clinical and technical skills.

Preserving Patient Safety

Simulation provides the training that every healthcare provider needs during real-life patient care. Simulators provide a structured learning experience and permit practice without danger to patients. They also help teach treatment for rare or unusual cases.

Medical and surgical simulation evolved from the aviation industry, which has used simulation-based learning to train pilots since World War I.

The Center for Professional Development & Simulation at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center provides this critically important service to providers both within and outside of the Lahey Health network. The skills taught at the Center have touched the lives of countless patients who have come through our doors.