Lahey Hospital & Medical Center - Plastic Surgery Graduates

Class of 2018

 Justin Fernandez
Private Practice, Beverly, Ma 

 Jill Fortier
Academic Practice - University of Connecticut

Class of 2017

Rosiane Roeder
Private Practice, Hickory, NC 

Edgar Sosa
Private Practice, Orlando, FL

Class of 2016

Anaeze Offodile, MD
MPH  - Johns Hopkins, MD
Microsurgery Fellowship - MD Anderson Cancer Center

Class of 2015

Nathan Narasimhan, MD
Private Practice - Concord, MA

David Pincus, MD
Private Practice - Long Island, NY

Class of 2014

Bryan J. Cicuto, DO
Private Practice - Lilitz, PA

J. Ryan Rice, MD
Private Practice - Dubois, PA

Class of 2012

Nathaniel Holzman 

Private Practice - Philadelphia, PA

Class of 2011

Tina Sauerhammer  

Craniofacial Fellowship - Washington, DC
Academic Practice - Washington, DC

Ravi Somayazula
Private Practice - Texas

Class of 2010

Alisha Arora
Private Practice - Philadelphia, PA

Gideon Maresky
Private Practice - South Africa

Class of 2009

Shawkat Sati
Craniofacial Fellowship - Indianapolis, IN
Craniofacial Fellowship - Paris, France
Private Practice - Jordan

Mark Shashikant 

Private Practice - Washington, DC

Class of 2008

Sonu Jain
Hand Fellowship - Boston, MA
Academic Practice - Gainesville, FL

Joyce Chen 

Craniofacial Fellowship - Los Angeles, CA
Interplast Fellowship - International

Class of 2007

Sean Doherty
Laser Surgery Fellowship - Boston, MA
Private Practice - Concord, MA

Osakatukei Omulepu
Private Practice - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Class of 2006

Stephanie Caterson
Breast Reconstruction - Boston, MA
Academic Practice - Boston, MA

W. Thomas McClellan 

Hand - Durham, NC
Aesthetic - Atlanta, GA
Private Practice - Morgantown, WV

Class of 2005

Eric Halvorson 

Microsurgery - NYC, NY
Academic Practice - Boston, MA

James Orman 

Academic Practice - Santa Clara, CA

Class of 2004

E. Ted Ferguson 

Military Service - San Antonio, TX

Nicholas Husni 

Cosmetic - OH
Private Practice - Independence, OH

Class of 2003

Andrea Doyle 

Private Practice - Providence, RI

Timothy Germain 

Private Practice - McLean, VA

Class of 2002

Juan Giachino, Jr. 

Private Practice - Stuart, FL

Wendell Miles 

Private Practice - Chevy Chase, MD

Class of 2001

Robert Hagan
Hand - Boston, MA
Craniofacial - St. Louis, MO
Private Practice - St. Louis, MO

Sonal Pandya 

Academic Practice - Burlington, MA

Class of 2000

Grag Baum 

Private Practice - Fayetteville, NY

Portia Chiou 

Microsurgery Fellowship - New York City, NY
Craniofacial Fellowship - Paris, France
Private Practice - Boston, MA

Class of 1999

Paul Dillon 

Hand Fellowship - Louisville, IL
Private Practice - Woodstock, IL

Christopher Kovanda 

Private Practice - Edina, MN

Class of 1998

Rosa Dell'Oca 

Hand Fellowship - Stanford, CA
Private Practice - Palo Alto, CA

Pedro Meneses 

Craniofacial Fellowship - Paris, France
Private Practice - Great Neck, NY

Class of 1997

Ann Passmore 

Academic Practice - Fort Smith, AK

Soheil Younai 

Private Practice - Edina, CA

Class of 1996

Michael Giuffrida 

Private Practice - Doylestown, PA

Charles Nathan
Private Practice - St. Louis, MO

Class of 1995

Joseph Benacci
Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship - Houston, TX
Academic Practice - La Crosse, WI

Therese White 

Private Practice - Portland, ME

Class of 1994

Paul Costas 

Microsurgery Fellowship - New York City, NY
Private Practice - Concord, MA

William Holmes 

Private Practice - Alameda, CA

Class of 1993

Patricia Eby 

Private Practice - Memphis, TN

Eric Hubli 

Craniomaxillofacial Reconstructive Fellowship - Dallas, TX
Academic Practice - Fort Worth,TX

Class of 1992

Robert Anooshian 

Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship - Los Angeles, CA
Private Practice - San Francisco, CA

Terrence Murphy 

Private Practice - Englewood, CO


Class of 1991

Lori Polacek
Private Practice - Johnston, RI

Susan Skanes 

Private Practice - Canada

Class of 1990

Marcel Daniels
Cosmetic Fellowship - Miami, FL
Private Practice - Long Beach, CA

Mark Richards
Private Practice - N. Bethesda, MD