Educational Conferences

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Department of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery strongly believes in providing a solid foundation in clinical and didactic plastic surgery. It’s strength lies in supplementing clinical learning with an in-depth series of lectures and conferences supplemented by extensive exposure to basic anatomy.

This Core Curriculum Lecture Series will provide the foundations of plastic surgical knowledge and prepare residents for both the written and oral boards. The chief resident will be responsible for scheduling the lecture series in accordance with the core curriculum in plastic surgery. All topics will be covered in a two-year cycle and the chief resident is responsible for maintaining the records of attendance and topics covered. 

The senior resident will attend the Microsurgery Course, an in-house training program, to learn basic microsurgical techniques during the fall of the first year. 

Critical review of the surgical literature will be emphasized through Journal Club and ancillary conferences. Each resident will be expected to begin a mentor-supported research project during their first Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Rotation. These projects will emphasize a basic science problem, which has not been solved, or a critical review of previous treatments in an attempt to improve results in any area in Plastic Surgery.

Core Curriculum

The didactic teaching program is every Wednesday morning and consists of a comprehensive dedicated weekly core curriculum conference attended by all faculty and residents. Clinical lectures are varied yearly to cover a broad spectrum of topics over two years. Formal lectures are presented periodically by invited visiting faculty. All essential Board Exam topics in plastic surgery are used to formulate our core curriculum didactics and are presented as a lecture series by the resident or faculty, covering in depth anatomy, Board questions and clinical indications. Core lectures are followed by interactive board review questions and mock oral practice cases based off of recent Chief resident cases. 

In addition to core curriculum, other resident education activities include: 

• Journal Club 
• Cadaver Lab 
• Microsurgical Course
• Injectable Training Clinic
• Morbidity and Mortality

Journal Club

A bi-monthly journal club will be held the third Wednesday of the month, alternating bi-monthly with Morbidity and Mortality Conference. Each resident will pick one article for discussion based on the scientific merits of the journal. The review format is located in the appendix of this handbook and will be given electronically at the start of the first year. It is expected that the resident will follow this format to provide a concise, scientific review of the article. Through this approach, the resident will learn how to evaluate a journal article based on the scientific method and the significance of its contribution to the literature. 

Cadaver Dissection

Anatomic dissections will be performed to ensure a wide exposure to relevant surgical anatomy, focusing on hand and aesthetic head and neck dissections. The sessions will also be used to perform dissection and elevation of more complex flaps and cosmetic cases prior to the performance of these more complex cases on patients. An annual fresh hand dissection with be held in the fall, detailing hand anatomy, nerve repair,  and fracture management. An annual fresh head dissection will be performed in the spring, performing reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. These will be held in the MAST lab during educational time.

Microsurgical Techniques Course

A microscope and supplies for microsurgical practice is available to residents 24/7 in our downstairs simulation lab. Additional microsurgical training may be arranged through the Microsurgery Lab through the program director.

Injectable Training Clinic

The purpose of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Resident Injectable Training Clinic is to provide Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s residents and fellows the opportunity to participate in supervised training with some of today’s more popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The non-invasive procedures that will be practiced at the Clinic include both Botox® and Juvederm™, a dermal filler, and are both products of Allergan, Inc. The products for the Clinic will be donated from Allergan’s educational division to Lahey Clinic’s philanthropy department and the value of the donation will be recorded. 

The Clinic will be held quarterly and will be for educational purposes only after regular clinic hours. Each Clinic is estimated to service 4 patients per resident. The residents will participate only while on the Lahey rotation to minimize off-site interruptions and maximize the educational experience. 

Morbidity and Mortality

It is the responsibility of the Chief Resident to present the M&M rounds after consultation with each of the attending surgeons. A written report of discussion must be completed and returned to the residency coordinator as noted above. These will be held bi-monthly prior to the staff meeting.