Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Brigham and Women's Hospital

  • Matthew J. Carty, MD, 
  • Edward J. Caterson, MD, PhD 
  • Stephanie Caterson, MD 
  • Benjamin P. Christian, MD
  • Yoon S. Chun, MD 
  • Jessica Erdmann-Sager, MD 
  • Douglas L. Helm, MD
  • Charles A. Hergrueter, MD 
  • Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD
  • Bohdan Pomahac, MD 
  • Christian E. Sampson, MD 
  • Indranil Sinha, MD
  • Simon G. Talbot, MD

Children's Hospital Boston

  • John G. Meara, MD, DMD, Chief, Department of Plastic Surgery
  • Arin K. Greene, MD 
  • Brian I. Labow, MD 
  • John B. Mulliken, MD
  • Bonnie L. Padwa, MD, DMD, Chief of Oral Surgery
  • Amir H. Taghinia, MD

Maine Medical Center/Plastic and Hand Surgical Associates

  • Therese White, MD
  • Thomas Vaughan, MD
  • Sirish Maddali, MD, FACS
  • Richard Kutz, MD, MPH
  • John Kirkham, MD
  • Arthur Turko, MD
  • Katharine Connolly, MD

Residency Education: Associate Attending Surgeons

  • Brooke R. Seckel, MD, Former Chairman and Program Director, Lahey Clinic Residency Program
  • Sean Doherty, MD
  • Nathan Narasimhan, MD