Program History and Summary

“He stood as a giant in the field of surgery and all who passed his way stopped to admire and revere. There was something within him that could not and would not be deterred.” - Claude J. Hunt, MD (American Journal of Surgery, 1953) on Frank H. Lahey, MD

When Frank Lahey, MD, founded a group practice in 1923, his vision was unique: every component of a patient's health care would be coordinated under one roof. Today, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center still offers a distinctive patient experience. From advanced technology to research and medical education, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center combines the renowned specialty resources of its medical centers with top-quality primary care services.

Plastic Surgical Residency Program was founded in 1988, and, since then, it continues to grow and produce quality residents. The program developed from two fellows and since then has trained over 50 fellows who come to the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center every year from all parts of the world and move on to contribute to our specialty.