Research Opportunities - Plastic Surgery Residency

Plastic Surgery Residency
It is the philosophy of our department that residents-in-training should be actively involved in clinical research during their formal training program. Each of our attendings has ongoing clinical projects and/or basic science research laboratories. A very efficient and advanced data processing and medical records department makes chart review quite easy. Each resident should select a basic science or clinical interest to pursue, and choose a staff mentor to develop this project during their training. All residents are encouraged to submit their work as a poster or a presentation at regional or national meetings. Dedicated time away and financial support is provided.

In addition, the research laboratories located immediately adjacent to the main clinic building at 31 Mall Road are available for the resident who has the interest and time to devote to such projects. Many of the attending staff have active ongoing research interests and resident participation in their projects is encouraged. It is expected that participation in clinical and basic science investigation should not be done at the expense of clinical surgical training. To that end, it is expected that research be performed in the resident's free time.