Committee Work - Diagnostic Radiology Residency

As members of the medical field and the subspecialty of diagnostic radiology, we encourage all of our residents to become active members of departmental committees, as well as regional or national organizations so that they can be active participants in those major decisions that will affect their scope of practice. We are proud that many of our prior and current residents have taken critical roles in regional and national organizations. We have given our residents a great deal of flexibility so that they may attend meetings and conferences as they arise. A representative list of our recent involvement is seen below. In addition to the below list, many of our residents are members of institutional committees, having input in the direction of the hospital, including patient care and resident/fellow education.

Recent Graduates

  • Jalil Afnan, MD, Prior President Resident/Fellows Section (RFS), Massachusetts Radiological Society (MRS)
  • Philip Van, MD: American Medical Association (AMA) Delegate for the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), RFS. Member MMS Committee on Interspecialty. Member ACR Commission on Clinical Research and Information Technology
  • Robert French, MD: Prior President of the RFS, MRS; ACR - Resident and Fellow Section, Executive Committee  
  • Naveen Kankanala, MD, MBA: Former President, and Former Vice-President of the RFS, (MRS); Executive Committee – (MRS); Massachusetts Delegate to the American College of Radiology (ACR)
  • David Rosman, MD, MBA;
    AMA: Prior Delegate, AMA House of Delegates
    AMA, RFS: Prior Member of Governing Council; Speaker 2007-2008; Delegate 2005-2007
    MMS: Member Finance Committee; House of Delegates
    ACR: Section Council on Radiology; Commission on Communication
    MRS: President, RFS; Vice-President RFS; Member, Executive Committee