Duty Hours - Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Duty hours reflect the concept that patient care and the health and well-being of the residents are of utmost importance. Residents are required to notify the attending on call or program director if there is any serious violation of their standard duty hours. These policies apply to the sponsoring institution and its affiliates, B & W, AFIP and CHMC.

  1. Duty hours will be limited to 80 hours per week, averaged over a four-week period, inclusive of all in-house call activities.
  2. Residents will be provided with one day in seven free from all educational and clinical responsibilities, averaged over a four-week period.
  3. Residents will receive a 10-hour time period between all duty periods and after in-house call.
  4. Moonlighting or extended hours are included in the 80-hour work-week. Residents will not have outside employment that jeopardizes this requirement or impinges on training. See the institutional GME Policy on Moonlighting.
  5. Residents are required to record duty hours on a monthly basis.

The Program Director is responsible to ensure that residents do not regularly perform excessively difficult or prolonged duties, ensuring assignments are fair and reasonable. The Program Director is responsible for the schedules for the Radiology Residents, assuring compliance as well as appropriate documentation. On a regular basis, the program director will review compliance with duty hours.

Night Float/Short Call Schedule

The residents will be on a Night Float/Short Call schedule. 

  1. Short Call: During the week, a first year or early second year resident will be on Short Call covering Emergency Room cases, staying in the hospital between 5 and 9 pm with direct staff supervision by both Neuroradiology and Body Imaging staff.
  2. Night Float: Must be at least a second year radiology resident (PGY-3), and will be in-house beginning at 9 pm, with hospital coverage finished by 7:30 am. Residents are expected to sign-out overnight cases by 8:30 am. Night Float will be either a 2-week (6 days each week) or 1-week rotation, depending on resident preference.
  3. There will be three 12-hour weekend shifts to cover Saturday/Sunday.
  4. There is 24-hour staff backup by neuroradiology, body imaging staff, and interventional staff.
  5. On Call Rooms are provided for residents with night-time duties. Meals are provided at the discretion of the institution.

Daily Duties

  1. Residents are expected to be at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center at approximately 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, when not attending morning interdisciplinary conferences. Unless the resident is on call, they are free after the daily work is complete, at the discretion of the assigned staff.
  2. Residents should attend morning interdisciplinary conferences as deemed appropriate by the clinical educator for each particular rotation. All noon conferences are protected time for the residents, unless residents are involved in a procedure. Residents are required to record conference attendance.