Schedule - Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Call Responsibilities

Call responsibilities are divided between Night Float and Weekend shifts. NF blocks are created in the beginning of the year, and residents will make their own weekend schedules amongst themselves. Holidays are covered by the second years. Residents are responsible for primary independent interpretation during the overnight hours, with subsequent check-out of cases the following morning by staff. Ultrasound technologists are on-call for US emergencies.

Night Float (beginning second year)

  • 2-week blocks, or 
        6 days each week, Sun – Fri 
            Sun-Thurs: 9 pm – 7:30 am (M-F), with checkout until 8:30 am 
            Fri Night: 9 pm – 9 am 
        Saturday between = Off
    Cover all ER examinations, primarily CT, Plain films, US


  • Divided into three 12-hour shifts: 
        Saturday, 9 am – 9 pm 
        Overnight Saturday, 9 pm – 9 am 
        Sunday, 9 am – 9 pm

          Daytime shifts have in-house staff coverage until 6 pm

Resident Responsibilities

  • Conference attendance
  • Conference preparation
  • Teaching files
  • Case of the week
  • Medical student rotations: the resident as professor
  • Resident seminars