Meet the Staff – Urology Residency

Faculty members act as mentors to residents and medical students. Many have ongoing research projects and leadership positions at the local as well as national level. Listed below are members who participate in a resident education. 

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Ali Moinzadeh, MD - Chairman, Department of Urology
Karim J. Hamawy, MD - Residency Director
Miguel Antelo, MD
Egbert Baumgart, MD
James Betti, MD
Christopher Birdsall, MD
David Canes, MD
Octavia Devon, MD
John Janeiro, MD
Daneil Kuftinec, MD
Lara MacLachlan, MD
Jessica Mandeville, MD
Andrew McCullough, MD
Manuel Merino, MD
Michael Michaels, MD
Arthur P. Mourtzinos, MD, MBA
Robert Myers, MD
Andrea Sorcini, MD
Alex Vanni, MD
Chad Wotkowicz, MD
Justin Zbrzezny, MD
Leonard Zinman, MD 

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

William C. DeWolf, MD - Chief of Urology
Peter Chang, MD, MPH
Anurag K. Das, MD
Christopher R. Hoover, MD
Lori Lerner, MD
Peter Steinberg, MD
Andrew A. Wagner, MD

Children’s Hospital

David A. Diamond, MD - Urologist-in-Chief
Stuart B. Bauer, MD
Joseph G. Borer, MD
Marc Cendron, MD
Bartley G. Cilento Jr., MD, MPH
Carlos R. Estrada Jr., MD
Michael Kurtz, MD, MPH
Richard S. Lee, MD
Erin McNamara, MD, MPH
James Mandell, MD
Caleb Nelson, MD, MPH
Richard N. Yu, MD, PhD