• Clinical Trials - Macular Degeneration

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    Protocol OPH1003: A Phase 3 Randomized, Double-Masked, Controlled Trial to Establish the Safety and Efficacy of Intravitreous Administration of Fovista™(anti PDGF-b pegylated aptamer) Administered in Combination with Lucentis® Compared to Lucentis® Monotherapy in Subjects with Subfoveal Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration [LCID Study Number: 2013-066] The objectives of this study are to evaluate the safety and efficacy of an investigational drug Fovista„§ when administered in combination with the FDA-approved drug Lucentis„¥ compared to Lucentis„¥ alone in patients with abnormal blood vessels in the back of the eye due to wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Both Fovista„§ and Lucentis„¥ are given by injection into the vitreous which is the clear, jelly-like substance that fills the middle of the eye. Principal Investigator(s):
    Gregory R. Blaha, MD, PhD

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    Study Coordinator(s):
    Christine A. Gould, MMSc, PAC.