• Clinical Trials - Smoking Cessation

    Study Objective Contact
    LCCC/Legacy Pilot Study to Reduce Adverse Smoking Outcomes in the Context of Lung Cancer Screening: Reducing Dependence on Tobacco [LCID Study Number: 2013-089] This research study is looking at helping smokers and recent smokers quit and stay smoke free when they undergo lung cancer screening. Together with Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening, Lahey is offering the opportunity to participate in 2 research studies. The first study is looking at taking cells from your nose with a swab to see if these cells are different in people with lung cancer. The second study is a research study with our partners at Georgetown University to see if providing smokers and recently quit smokers (quit within the last year) extra help on how to quit and stay smoke free, at the same time they are undergoing lung cancer screening, will make it more likely they will be successful. Principal Investigator(s):
    Andrea B. McKee, MD

    For more information about this Research Study call 781-744-8027.

    Study Coordinator(s):
    Andrea B. Kitts,
    Shawn M. Regis, PhD.