Research is a critical component to present day patient care and future advances in medical care. At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, medical advances are continuously being developed, thanks to our collective vision, collaboration with national and local organizations, and the enterprising efforts of our clinical staff and researchers. Our hospital currently participates in hundreds of studies across virtually all medical specialties. At any given time we have studies open in diverse areas, including:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Experimental drug therapies
  • Advanced and innovative surgical techniques
  • Medical device trials
  • Outcomes studies
  • Tissue and data registries

Our staff receive support from a number of sources including government agencies, state organizations, industry, and generous donations from patients and other benefactors. In addition, many of our studies are supported internally by institutional funds because there impact on patient care is important to the community we serve.

Clinical Trials/Office of Research Administration

The majority of studies open at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center are clinical trials – patient-oriented research that are developed to enhancing therapeutic interventions and clinical care. These trials help clinicians discover improved methods for treating patients with common as well as more uncommon diseases.

To learn more about clinical research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, visit our Clinical Trials Research page here.  

Comparative Effectiveness Research Institute

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center launched the Comparative Effectiveness Research Institute (CERI) to better assess quality and effectiveness of medical care interventions. CERI has been charged with identifying differences in effectiveness for a wide range of medical conditions through the targeted assessment of outcome, disease cure, quantity and quality of life, patient satisfaction, and healthcare value.

To learn more about comparative effectiveness research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, visit our CERI page here.  

Translational Research

In addition to traditional clinical trials that test new drugs or devices, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is also involved in cutting-edge translational research. This research helps ‘translate’ findings from the laboratory bench into useful applications that can enhance and promote human health.

To learn more about translational research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center visit our Translational Research page here


For more information on Research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center please contact Kimberly Rieger-Christ, PhD, Chief Scientific Office, at (781 )744-8027.