Continuing medical research is the key to the future of patient care. At Lahey Clinic, medical advances continue to develop, thanks to the enterprising efforts of our clinicians and researchers. Our Research Department oversees more than 300 scientific studies, or clinical trials, in the following areas: cancer treatments, drug therapies, advanced and innovative surgical techniques and medical device trials.

Clinical trials are patient-oriented research, which leads to developing or enhancing therapeutic interventions. These trials help clinicians discover improved technologies for treatments and to learn more about particular disease processes. See the list of Lahey’s open clinical trials.

More than 50 of these studies are Lahey Clinic physician-initiated trials. A sampling of these studies include analyses of genes in bladder, prostate and breast cancers, whether surgeons learn differently from other physicians, new approaches to treating subarachnoid hemorrhage, and economic impact on patients choosing cosmetic surgery. Lahey’s current physician-initiated trials that are available to patients are blended in our current list of open clinical trials. Some of these trials involve data collection and so do not directly involve patients.

Translational Research at Lahey

Translational research is basic science research in the laboratory setting and in pre-clinical studies in order to translate what is discovered into practical clinical applications for patients at the bedside. Translational research is sometimes called “bench to bedside” work because it involves research at the molecular or cellular level with the ultimate goal of finding new ways to treat patients at the bedside. New biologic discoveries are mad e through translational research results, like new drug therapies or medical devices that improve patient care.

Lahey’s advanced translational research is breaking ground for tomorrow’s health care treatments. 

For more information on Lahey’s research projects, please call the Research Office at 781-744-8027.