The Office of Research Administration

In 1994, to meet growing research needs, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center created the Office of Research Administration (ORA), made up of professional medical staff solely dedicated to clinical trials. Today the ORA continues to expand into widening areas of medical research.

This centralized office is currently staffed with research nurses, nurse managers, clinical research associates, study coordinators, administrative assistants, a quality assurance nurse, a grant manager, a biostatistician, and an investigational pharmacist. This team works together to assist investigators, study sponsors and patients involved in research.

Institutional Review Board

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Institutional Review Board (IRB) ensures that clinical trials are well planned and safeguard patients. Composed of Lahey colleagues and lay community members, the board meets monthly but convenes as needed for time-sensitive protocol reviews. A secondary IRB will meet within 10 working days at the investigator's request.

Contact Us

Antonia H. Holway, Director of Research Administration, 781-744-8027 
Craig Donahue, Investigative Pharmacist, 781-744-5424