Grant Opportunities

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center colleagues may submit grant applications which are accepted each year in May. They will be scored by the Advisory Council, Research Grants & Oversight Committee and Education Committee and applicants will be notified shortly after the deadline.

To apply, complete the research application or education application and budget.

  1. The grant must be scientifically meritorious, educationally beneficial, and consistent with the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center mission to deliver and improve healthcare and advance medical knowledge.
  2. To increase the likelihood of external funding, first priority will be given to supporting continuation of research proposed in NIH applications that have been “scored” provided that: a) the applicants have adequately addressed in writing the study sections critiques and plan to resubmit the application. The Research committee must receive a copy of the written responses sent to the NIH, and b) the budget is confined to continuing research in the submitted application.
  3. Second priority will be to support the continuation of research proposed in new grant applications for external funding. Please identify the external funding source and the amount of the financial support requested, date of application, and anticipated date of notification of funding if successful.
  4. Third priority will be given to providing “seed money” for research designed to provide preliminary data for development of a grant application for external funding. Specific plans must be presented for the proposed grant application and the targeted funding institution.

Progress reports will be required every six (6) months for the duration of the study and a formal termination report is to be submitted within three (3) months of the study conclusion.