• Executive and Preventive Health Program

    Your health is one important responsibility you can’t delegate. We urge you to take a day out of your busy schedule to invest in your most valuable asset: your personal wellness.

    The Lahey Executive and Preventive Health Program offers comprehensive care that fits into your busy schedule. To make the most of your valuable time, all the services you need to stay healthy are arranged into a thorough, efficient, one-day evaluation – all under one roof and in a pleasant community setting, without the inconvenience of having to travel into Boston for medical care.

    All-Inclusive Program

    When you sign up for The Executive and Preventive Health Program, you will receive a comprehensive physical examination and health evaluation, performed by Lahey experts and designed to support your continued wellness.

    You will have direct access to Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s world-renowned specialists for consultations, and a personal escort to efficiently guide you through our facility. You will leave knowing that you’ve taken all the right steps all you can to ensure your continued health.

    A typical day-long experience includes:

    • A thorough exam, including screening and diagnostic tests and assessments based on your age, gender, medical history and physician’s recommendations
    • A comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation
    • Hearing and eye exams
    • A dermatology evaluation

    The day concludes with a physician review of your test results and a personalized treatment plan to keep you as healthy and vital as possible.

    First Choice in Executive Health Care

    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has been the first choice in executive healthcare for major corporations and professionals for more than 40 years. Our international reputation as a superior multispecialty medical facility and our convenient location – in close proximity to Boston – suit the needs of corporate leaders and professionals near and far.

    Our Executive Health participants include professionals and executives from across the United States, Canada, Europe, Bermuda, South America and the Middle East. Executives from more than 70 national and international companies benefit from our program each year.

    In order to help you best manage your time, our state-of-the-art Executive Health Center includes a comfortable waiting room with wireless internet access, a private work carrel equipped with a computer and internet access, a refreshment area, a private locker and a shower room.

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