Fellowship Program Contacts

Contact Information

You can write to any of the residency or fellowship program directors at the following address:
Program Director's Name
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
41 Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01805

Link to the American Medical Association's Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database: FREIDA Online  

Programs Offered

Cardiology Fellowship 
Program Director: G. Muqtada Chaudhry, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8002
E-mail: Ghulam.M.Chaudhry@lahey.org

Cardiology/Electrophysiology (EP) Fellowship
Program Director: Jonathan S. Silver, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8863
E-mail: Jonathan.S.Silver@lahey.org

Cardiology/Interventional Fellowship
Program Director: Sergio Waxman, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8254
E-mail: Sergio.Waxman@lahey.org

Endocrinology Fellowship
Program Director: Mary Beth Hodge, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8493
E-mail: MaryBeth.Hodge@lahey.org 

Gastroenterology Fellowship
Program Director: Stephen C. Fabry, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8767
E-mail: gifellowship@lahey.org

Hand Surgery Fellowship
Program Director: Eric T. Tolo, MD
E-mail: eric.t.tolo@lahey.org

Interventional Neuroradiology Fellowship
Program Director: In Sup Choi, MD
Telephone: 781-744-3330
E-mail: In.Sup.Choi@lahey.org 

Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship
Program Director: Carla R. Lamb, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8482
E-mail: Carla.R.Lamb@lahey.org 

Neurology-Neurophysiology/EMG Fellowship
Site Director: James A. Russell, DO
Telephone: 781-744-5612
E-mail: James.A.Russell@lahey.org 

Neurology-Stroke Fellowship
Program Director: Kinan K. Hreib, MD, PhD
Telephone: 781-744-3803
E-mail: Kinan.K.Hreib@lahey.org 

Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
Program Director: Anthony C. Campagna, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8480
E-mail: Anthony.C.Campagna@lahey.org 

Radiology Fellowships
Program Director: Vincent R. Sites, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8170
E-mail: Vincent.R.Sites@lahey.org

Reconstructive Urologic Surgery Fellowship
Program Director: Alex Vanni, MD
Telephone: 781-744-2508
E-mail: Alex.J.Vanni@Lahey.org

Sleep Medicine Fellowship
Program Director: Akmal Sarwar, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8480
E-mail: Akmal.Sarwar@lahey.org

Surgical Critical Care
Program Director: John M. O'Donnell, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8125
E-mail: John.M.Odonnell@lahey.org

Transplant Anesthesia Fellowship
Program Director: Andrei Kopylov, MD
Telephone: 781-744-8132
E-mail: Andrei.kopylov@lahey.org