Transferring a Patient

Patient transfers can be initiated by calling our transfer line at 781-744-5130. Our nursing transfer coordinators will work with you to facilitate every step of the transfer process, from connecting you with our physicians to letting you know the date and time of the transfer.

Cardiac Transfers

To request a cardiac patient transfer or to learn more about the cardiac patient transfer process, please contact our nurse liaison by pager at 781-256-9999. The cardiac liaison is available to coordinate all necessary arrangements for physicians outside Lahey who have cardiac patients they wish to transfer to us for care in either stable or emergent situations. This program runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To further expedite the transfer of acute MI patients, an attending interventional cardiologist from our Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is responsible for the pager on nights and weekends.

Please Note: The Department of Referring Physician Relations works only with physicians and their staff members. If you are a patient seeking referral information, please contact Lahey's Referral Management Department at 781-744-5604. Patients should call toll-free 800-524-3955, or 781-744-8000 to change or cancel appointments.