Colleague Rewarded for her Impressive Drive

Colleague's Drive Rewarded

Deb Campaniello Named March Colleague of the Month

Deb Campaniello’s work day begins with a 45-mile commute from the Worcester area. Her destination is Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, where she is a project manager in the Health Information Management department.

“When I got the job here 12 years ago, in my mind it was going to be for only a year because of the sheer distance,” said Campaniello. “But I developed such good relationships with people here, and I continually get to do such great projects that I decided to stay.”

Despite working in a department not involved in direct patient care, Campaniello’s colleagues said she consistently goes out of her way to impact the experience of patients.

“I often find her offering assistance to patients who look lost or confused,” wrote Campaniello’s colleague, Gina Vaglica, in her nomination letter about Campaniello for the Colleague of the Month award – an award Campaniello won in March. “She may give a simple direction on how to get somewhere, or in some cases she has physically walked a patient to the department where they needed to be.”

Vaglica shared a story about seeing Campaniello come to the assistance of a military veteran on crutches who was struggling to pay for and carry his lunch in the cafeteria.

“Deb walked straight over to him without hesitating and offered him help,” wrote Vaglica. “This action shows what a kind, compassionate and caring human being she really is.”

Campaniello also excels in her job working with hospital-based medical coders, says Vaglica, by supporting end-users with tools to help make their job easier and pushing vendors to offer additional training when her colleagues need it.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Campaniello was one of the original colleagues who organized the annual food drive, now in its eighth year. In 2014, Campaniello introduced a friendly competition between departments, resulting in the most successful food drive to date; employees donated over 10,500 pounds of food to support local shelters.

All of these projects and experiences make Campaniello’s commute more understandable; she has woven herself into a fabric of the Lahey community.

“People always say to put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” said Campaniello. “That’s what I try to do. I like working at Lahey, and I care about the place. It has become a part of who I am. Sure, it would be nicer to live closer, but I’m happy here.”