Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s ‘Top Docs’ Honored by Boston Magazine

One hundred and seven physicians, across almost every specialty, represented in this year’s list

Burlington, MA (November 30, 2015) – Forty-one members of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s (LHMC) medical staff were honored as top-rated doctors in their respective specialties in the December special edition of Boston Magazine featuring the 2015 list of “Top Docs” in Greater Boston.

The “Top Docs” list is comprised of a total of 647 physicians selected by their peers in more than 50 specialties. LHMC’s honorees are:

• Mohamed E. Akoad, MD (Transplantation)
• Carol A. Anania, MD (Gynecology)
• Raffaele Bruno, MD (Gynecology)
• Anthony C. Campagna, MD (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)
• G. Muqtada Chaudry, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Gary W. Cushing, MD (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism)
• Richard S. D’Agostino, MD (Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery)
• Carlos A. David, MD (Neurosurgery)
• Robert Duncan, MD (Infectious Disease)
• Jason R. Gee, MD (Urology)
• Zoher Ghogawala, MD (Neurosurgery)
• Fredric D. Gordon, MD (Gastroenterology, Transplant)
• Mary Beth Hodge, MD (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism)
• Bruce G. Hook, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Alice A. Hunter, MD (Hand Surgery)
• Roger L. Jenkins, MD (Transplantation)
• Edward R. Jewell, MD (Vascular Surgery)
• S. Christine Kovacs, MD, MPH (Rheumatology)
• Andrea B. McKee, MD (Radiation Oncology)
• Andrew G. Kowal, MD (Pain Medicine)
• Carla R. Lamb, MD (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)
• Subu N. Magge, MD (Neurosurgery)
• Peter W. Marcello, MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• David T. Martin, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Jeffrey L. Marx, MD (Ophthalmology)
• Bruce E. Mirbach, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Richard W. Nesto, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Suzanne M. Olbricht, MD (Dermatology)
• Thomas C. Piemonte, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Elizabeth A. Pomfret, MD, PhD (Transplantation)
• Arthur Rabinowitz, MD (Hematology and Oncology)
• Thomas E. Read, MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• Frederic S. Resnic, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Patricia L. Roberts, MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• John A. Saryan, MD (Allergy & Immunology)
• David J. Schoetz Jr., MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• David M. Venesy, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
• Andrew G. Villanueva, MD (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)
• Harold J. Welch, MD (Vascular Surgery)
• Christina Williamson, MD (Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery)
• Christopher Y. Ying, MD (Nephrology)

“It is incredibly satisfying to see so many of our hard working and dedicated medical staff honored for the great work that they do every day,” said Joanne Conroy, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. “Our medical staff consistently provides patients with exceptional care and a great experience. It is a privilege to work with such talented and dedicated professionals.”

To identify the area’s best doctors, Boston Magazine partnered with New York-based Castle Connelly Medical Ltd., a health care research and information company founded in 1991 to help guide consumers to America’s top doctors and top hospitals. In addition to the 41 doctors identified by Boston Magazine, Castle Connelly acknowledged an additional 66 doctors on its own “Top Docs” list. Those honorees are:

• Gerald Stewart Harris, MD (Rheumatology)
• R Kirk Bohigian, MD (Otolaryngology)
• Ghazwan Acash, MD (Pulmonary Disease)
• Diana Apetauerova, MD (Neurology)
• Desmond H. Birkett, MD (Surgery)
• David M. Brams, MD (Surgery)
• David J. Bryan, MD (Plastic Surgery)
• Bruce B. Campbell, MD (Internal Medicine)
• David Canes, MD (Urology)
• Stella Y. Chow, MD (Gastroenterology)
• Joseph C. Corkery, MD (Medical Oncology)
• Paul R. Cotran, MD (Ophthalmology)
• Peter K. Dempsey, MD (Neurological Surgery)
• Tina J. Elias-Todd, MD (Rheumatology
• Stephen C. Fabry, MD (Gastroenterology)
• Todd D. Francone, MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• Robert W. Dolan, MD (Otolaryngology)
• Eric D. Goldberg, MD (Gastroenterology)
• Anthony W. Gray Jr, MD (Pulmonary Disease)
• Paul T. Gross, MD (Neurology)
• Paul J. Hesketh, MD (Medical Oncology)
• Blair R. Johnson, MD (Internal Medicine)
• Ann Marie Joyce, MD (Gastroenterology)
• Stephen E. Karp, MD (Surgery)
• Paula M. Kinnunen, MD (Cardiovascular Disease)
• Mark J. Lemos, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)
• Alan A. Lim, MD (Plastic Surgery)
• Margaret J. Lobo, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)
• Brendan E. McCarthy, MD (Ophthalmology)
• Daniel P. McQuillen, MD (Infectious Disease)
• Alireza Moinzadeh, MD (Urology)
• Guy T. Napolitana, MD (Internal Medicine)
• Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD (Surgery)
• David A. Neumeyer, MD (Pulmonary Disease)
• Amir Qamar, MD (Gastroenterology)
• Karen Reuter, MD (Diagnostic Radiology)
• Rocco Ricciardi, MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• Suzanne M. Rieke, MD (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism)
• Michael S. Rosenblatt, MD (Surgery)
• Lawrence C. Rusin, MD (Colon & Rectal Surgery)
• James A. Russell, DO (Neurology)
• Richard G. Salerno, MD (Urology)
• Akmal Sarwar, MD (Pulmonary Disease)
• Andrea Sorcini, MD (Urology)
• Valena J. Soto-Wright, MD (Gynecologic Oncology)
• Peter K. Speert, MD (Ophthalmology)
• David Steinberg, MD (Hematology)
• Keith E. Stuart, MD (Medical Oncology)
• Christopher P. Tretter, MD (Medical Oncology)
• Michal Vytopil, MD (Neurology)
• Christoph Wald, MD/PhD (Diagnostic Radiology)
• Edward D. Walshe, MD (Nephrology)
• Andrew S. Warner, MD (Gastroenterology)
• Sergio Waxman, MD (Interventional Cardiology)
• Neil J. Weiner, MD (Hematology)
• Kenneth M. Wener, MD (Infectious Disease)
• Richard Michael Wilk, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)
• Timothy R. Wu, MD (Pulmonary Disease)
• Yuval Zabar, MD (Neurology)
• Russell S. Zide, MD (Internal Medicine)
• Michael L. Cooper, MD (Ophthalmology)
• Wayne S. Saltsman, MD/PhD (Geriatric Medicine)
• Fina C. Barouch, MD (Ophthalmology)
• Beth A. Bouthot, MD (Nephrology)
• Matthew J. Axelrod, MD (Rheumatology)
• Rebecca C. Yang, MD (Surgery)

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