Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Wayne Saltsman, MD, PhD, Appointed to Massachusetts Board of Registration of Nursing Home Administrators

BURLINGTON, MA - February 13, 2015 - Today Lahey Hospital & Medical Center announced that Wayne S. Saltsman, MD, PhD, has been appointed to the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Nursing Home Administrators. Dr. Saltsman is the chief of geriatrics and transitional care for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, and was elected to the board because of his “experience and sound judgment,” according to former Governor Deval Patrick, in successfully transitioning patients from inpatient hospital environments to rehab facilities and to their homes. Dr. Saltsman officially assumed his seat on the board on December 26, 2014, and his first term will run through March, 2016.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Nursing Home Administrators’ mission is to protect the health and safety of nursing home residents by ensuring that nursing home administrators across the Commonwealth are performing their responsibilities competently and properly. Additionally, the board monitors licensed nursing home administrators’ continuing education and license renewal process. The board is made up of hospital administrators, nursing home administrators, registered nurses, educators, members of the Department of Public Health, and the general public. Dr. Saltsman will be the lone physician representative on the board.

Dr. Saltsman, is a member of both the American and Massachusetts Geriatric Societies. He is board certified in geriatric medicine, hospice care/palliative medicine and internal medicine, and is a national leader in the field of transitional care. In his role as chief of geriatric and transitional care at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, he provides medical oversight of patients in the hospital, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes, as well as providing outpatient consultations with elders and their families. Additionally, he ensures coordination and continuity for patients as they navigate the health care system, transferring between different locations or different levels of care. In Dr. Saltsman’s words, he focuses on people who are “too sick to be home, but too well to be in a hospital environment.”

“Ultimately, I want to help relieve the stress and strain of aging for as many elders and their families as possible, and ensure the appropriate degree of care and oversight in skilled nursing facilities in Massachusetts. These ideals dovetail beautifully with the goals of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Nursing Home Administrators,” said Dr. Saltsman. “Practicing geriatric medicine and transitional care on a daily basis provides me a unique lens through which I can advocate - and help ensure seamless and continuous care - for elders throughout the Commonwealth.”

Dr. Saltsman received his medical degree and doctorate in pathology from Boston University School of Medicine. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of California at San Diego’s Revelle College. Dr. Saltsman completed a clinical fellowship in geriatric medicine at Harvard Medical School.

A resident of Burlington, Mass., Dr. Saltsman hosts the monthly show “Your Senior Moment™” via cable access television and lectures regularly as an advocate for elder health and wellness. He has been a board member of the Massachusetts Geriatric Society, is an elected member of the Burlington Board of Health and has served on the Burlington Council on Aging.

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