Lahey Leads with Lung Academy

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center physicians are sharing their expertise in CT lung cancer screening on a national scale through an online education product, designed in partnership with a MeVis, a German medical solution company. Since launching in 2014, the MeVis Lung Academy has taught dozens of participants how to design and run a safe and responsible CT lung screening program through a cloud-based online learning tool.

"The Lung Academy is the premier, standardized, cloud-based online learning platform for lung screening available in the U.S. today," said Christoph Wald, MD, PhD, MBA, FACR, Lahey's Chair of Radiology.

Lahey has been a leader in lung cancer screening. The hospital began running a free low-dose lung cancer screening program in Jan. 2012, and has provided educational materials to health care institutions across the country and around the world.

"We have extensive experience in this area, so when hospitals from around the country expressed interest to learn how to start similar programs, we thought it would be good to have a simulation-based scalable method so others could benefit from insights of our success in the fight against lung cancer," Wald said.

Fourth-year Lahey resident Jeff Hashim, MD, took the class in 2015 and was impressed.

"It's a very useful and inclusive program," Hashim said. "It truly provides a real-life environment. It is exactly how you would read the case and report it in the real world."