Peabody Nurse Receives March DAISY Award

March 2016 DAISY_Arlene Delaney


Arlene Delaney, MSN, RN, CNOR, Operating Room, received the March DAISY Award, an international program rewarding the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care delivered by nurses. Associate Chief Nursing Officer Melissa Culkins, RN, who, in addition to having been a colleague of Arlene’s also became her patient last September, nominated her. Here is some of what Melissa had to say:

I am truly honored to acknowledge Arlene Delaney in exemplary professional nursing practice. On a professional level, Arlene is exceptional in surgical nursing care. She is the go-to for OR standards of practice- she might even have the book memorized. She has led many initiatives in the OR from the arduous process of tissue management to OR billing to fire safety to Joint Commission Jeopardy.

On a personal note, Arlene is the best at caring for her colleagues. She listens, helps, inserts herself, and even tells funny stories. In September, I had the unfortunate opportunity of being a patient. I had a bike accident resulting in fractures that required surgery. I cannot thank Arlene enough for helping me in my most vulnerable state. She took the time to sit with me, reassure me, held my hand while getting an anesthetic block. She talked me through my difficult acceptance of needing pins and screws. She laughed with me, told me boyfriend stories, and distracted me from reality of having surgery. That connection is what helped me through the day because she truly cares.

Delaney was also nominated by another colleague, Margaret Lynch, Project Specialist, Nursing Support Services, who was her patient as well. Here is an excerpt from Margaret’s nomination letter:

I recently underwent two separate eye surgeries at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody. As is common with many people, I am always extremely leery of anything involving my eyes. Because I knew Arlene as a colleague, I turned to her for expertise and a little emotional support. As always, Arlene went above and beyond in assuaging my anxiety. She answered detailed questions about what to expect, making sure that I was more than prepared for the surgery. On the day of the first surgery, she sat with me as I was prepped, acting as my advocate, reassuring me and my husband (who refers to her as “Arlene the Angel”) and bolstering my confidence in the wonderful team of caregivers. As a nurse she is astute, knowledgeable and calm — just what is called for in a surgical setting. Indeed, Arlene is an example of all that is right in the nursing profession.