Clinical Services

Clinical pharmacists are directly involved in patient care across outpatient and inpatient pharmacy services, and they perform many functions to help advise doctors and nurses on the best medications to treat your condition.

Outpatient Clinical Pharmacy Services

Leigh Taylor, PharmD, monitors a patient's blood pressureClinical Pharmacist Practitioners (CPPs) are available in the ambulatory clinics to review medications, make recommendations to help with the management of chronic diseases, and ensure medication therapy is appropriate and achieving desired outcomes. Pharmacists in this area have been trained in medication monitoring and targeted patient assessment, and they work collaboratively with patients' physicians to help achieve therapeutic goals. CPPs are involved with several clinical programs at Lahey, including the Asthma Center, Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation and Diabetes Education.

CPPs have been established in ambulatory care at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center since 1996. They maintain a patient care schedule into which Lahey physicians may refer patients. If you have any further questions about the services provided by CPPs, please e-mail us.

Inpatient Clinical Pharmacy Services

John Atkisson, PharmD, (center) on rounds with the Medical Intensive Care Unit teamClinical pharmacists collaborate with physicians to determine the most appropriate medications for all hospital inpatients. Along with other members of the patient care team, these Pharmacist Practitioners visit patients to review their current drug therapy and provide suggestions for optimal medication usage.