Helpful Phone Numbers

Main Number: 781-744-5100

Hospital Billing: 781-744-5800

Physician Billing: 781-744-5900

Financial Counseling: 781-744-8815 in Burlington;
978-538-4101 in Peabody 

Customer Relationship Management: 781-744-8556

Referral Management: 781-744-5604

Registration and Scheduling: 781-744-8000 in Burlington;
978-977-6336 in Peabody 

Medical Records: 781-744-8041

Outpatient Pharmacy: 781-744-8658

Interpreter Services: 781-744-5404


If you prefer to address your billing questions, comments or concerns in writing, please write to Vice President of Patient Financial Services, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, 41 Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01805.