To contact by telephone:  

781-744-8240 (Burlington)
978-538-4630 (Peabody)

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is dedicated to protecting the personal safety and security of patients, staff, and visitors. The Clinic’s security and public safety program in Burlington and Peabody are managed to ensure compliance with the applicable federal, state and city codes and regulations, and other accepted practices related to routine events and crisis situations.

The Security offices are located just off the main lobby of the fourth floor at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington. A state-of-the-art closed-circuit TV and radio-controlled security system helps assure all public areas are safe and secure, and helps security staff to address concerns discovered through monitoring and surveillance. At Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, the offices are located next to the Emergency Room.

Security staff members are stationed at key areas throughout the clinics, including all entry and exit locations, and are available to provide assistance upon request. Members of the Security team are trained to respond quickly to all calls for assistance and can provide rapid response to local police and fire departments when necessary.

Security at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, and Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, can also provide visitor assistance for the following: 

Lost and Found Property 

The Security office maintains a record book for properties that are lost or found within Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Contact the office as soon as possible following a missing item or theft of an item belonging to a visitor or patient.

Escort Service 

Contact Security if you require escort service from the hospital to your car in the parking garage. Members of the Security team are available at all hours and are pleased to provide assistance.

Flat Tires

In the event of a flat tire, Security is equipped to inflate tires using a portable air supply (Burlington only). Security is not equipped for the changing of flat tires.

Jump Starts 

In the event of automotive battery failure, Security can provide the cables necessary to get your car started again.

Lock Outs

In the event that keys are locked in a vehicle, Security is equipped to assist in gaining access in most instances. Assistance can be provided to contact a local automotive locksmith, if necessary.

Additional Assistance

Security may also provide information and assistance in acquiring additional help from outside agencies, such as AAA or the local gas station/repair shop. An officer-in-charge late at night is available to assist a stranded patient or visitor in obtaining the services of a taxi or cab.