• Providing superior health care that leads to the best possible outcome for every patient is the cornerstone of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's mission. Yet we recognize that the best outcome often involves much more than the technical skill or medical expertise of our staff.

    We regularly track our performance on key quality measures and develop programs to improve the safety of the care we provide. We benchmark our performance against our peers by reporting our results to third-party organizations that measure quality and safety. Read more about these organizations below.

    The Joint Commission | Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services | The Leapfrog Group | Patient CareLink | ICU Staffing Data 

    What This Means to Our Patients

    Choosing where and from whom to receive your health care is an

    important decision. Among the many considerations you should weigh is the quality of care delivered at a hospital. In sharing our performance metrics, we hope to help you make informed decisions about your health care.

    At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, we encourage you to take an active role in your care. This involves asking questions of your care providers, speaking up about your concerns, and being aware of our record of quality and safety.

    Browse this list of measures at left to read more about Lahey's performance, successful safety initiatives, and what you, as a patient, can do to improve safety. You can also see how our patients rate our service, and read some of their comments.

    If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Relations Department at 781-744-8556 or the Department of Quality Performance and Innovation at 781-744-3154. 

    The Joint Commission

    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, a leading, independent organization that certifies hospitals and other medical facilities according to their adherence to quality standards. Each year, The Joint Commission issues the National Patient Safety Goals, a comprehensive set of practices recommended to prevent medical errors and increase safe care. In large part, the Joint Commission evaluates a hospital's quality by how well it complies with these goals.

     Lahey's most recent Joint Commission Survey was in November 2008. Read The Joint Commission's Hospital Quality Report on Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. 

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) collects data on process of care measures, mortality rates and patient satisfaction. The data are periodically reported via a public Web site, Hospital Compare. 

    For the most recently reported time frame, October 2008 through September 2009, Lahey's mortality rates for heart attack were better than the average of all U.S. reporting hospitals. To read about other measures and view detailed charts, browse the list at left.

    The Leapfrog Group

    The Leapfrog Group is a consortium of large employer groups and insurers that surveys hospitals on their quality, safety and outcomes. The data they collect include information on computerized physician order entry, ICU staffing, and a number of "safe practices" that have been shown to reduce preventable medical mistakes.

    Lahey reports information on outcomes and high-risk procedure volumes to the Leapfrog Group Hospital Survey. For the most recent reporting period, Lahey fully meets 7 out of 12 Leapfrog standards, and has made "substantial progress" in meeting 2 others.  View Leapfrog results for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.  

    Patient CareLink

    Nurses provide essential day-to-day care for patients in both the hospital and outpatient clinic settings. Patient CareLink, a state-wide initiative, reports on nursing-sensitive indicators using data from the Hospital Quality Alliance, the National Quality Forum and other sources.

    ICU Staffing Data

    As part of our effort to continue offering the best possible patient and family centered experience, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is committed to providing our quarterly ICU staffing ratios to patients, colleagues and regulatory agencies. This ratio indicates the average number of patients our ICU nurses care for during a given work day.

    ICU Staffing Data 2016 Q1