Quality Report: Pneumonia Care

The rates displayed in these graphs are from data reported for discharges from January 2009 through December 2009 for pneumonia patients at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center as compared to data from all reporting Massachusetts hospitals and the reported national average.

 Pneumonia patients assessed and given pneumococcal vaccination 
 Pneumonia1 Pneumococcal

 Pneumonia patients whose initial Emergency Room blood culture was performed prior to the administration of the first hospital dose of antibiotics 

  Pneumonia 2 first blood culture

Pneumonia patients given smoking cessation advice/counseling 

  Pneumonia 3 Smoking Cessation

Pneumonia patients given initial antibiotic(s) within 6 hours of arrival 

  Pneumonia 4 Initial Antibiotic

Pneumonia patients given the most appropriate initial antibiotic(s) 

 Pneumonia 5 appropriate antibiotic

Pneumonia patients assessed and given influenza vaccination 

 Pneumonia 6 Influenza vaccine