• Center for Reconstructive Urologic Surgery

           Dr. Zinman and Dr. Vanni 

    Physicians in Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Center for Reconstructive Urologic Surgery possess subspecialty expertise in performing complex pelvic and urethral surgeries to treat the following conditions:

    • Urethral stricture disease
      • Adult hypospadias
      • Traumatic
      • Infectious (lichen sclerosus)
      • Idiopathic
      • Female
        • Strictures
        • Diverticulectomy and repair
        • Urethral cancers
    • Penile, urethral and scrotal cancer
    • Prostate cancer complications  
    • Complex radiation-induced strictures
    • Complex radiation-induced fistulas
      • Rectourethral fistulas
      • Vesicovaginal fistulas
    • Posterior urethral disruption from pelvic injuries

    Our urologists are also highly skilled at performing the following types of surgeries:

    • Complex ureteral reconstruction
    • Complex genital reconstruction
      • Peyronie’s disease
      • Scrotal edema
      • Skin grafting for loss of scrotal or penile skin
    • Complex bladder reconstruction
      • Urinary diversion
      • Continent catherizable stomas
      • Neobladder
      • Augmentation cystoplasty
      • Malone antegrade continence enema (MACE)

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    About Our Reconstructive Urologic Surgeons

    To learn more about our subspecialty-trained reconstructive urologic surgeons, please click on one of the links, below, to view their physician profiles.

    Alex J. Vanni, MD 
    Leonard N. Zinman, MD


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