The mission of the Robert E. Wise, MD, Research and Education Institute is to provide funding for scientifically meritorious and educationally beneficial projects consistent with Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's mission to deliver and improve healthcare and advance medical knowledge. It also sets out to identify, foster and financially support research endeavors at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center that have strong scientific and clinical relevance.


  1. Prioritize research and education efforts for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.
  2. Review all proposals for feasbility using budgetary review, population and research-related criteria as necessary.
  3. Provide oversight of ongoing projects on a periodic basis.
  4. Identify and pursue funding opportunities for grant applications.
  5. Review, award and administer internally funded research grant applications.
  6. Review and award annual Research and Education Awards.
  7. Promote scholarly activity by enhancing the intergration of research, education and clinical practice.
  8. Ensure complaince with federal, state and local regulations.
  9. Provide an annual Research and Education Report.


Questions and comments for the Research Grants & Oversight Committee may be directed to Ken Brown at 781.744.2580 and/or Ken.A.Brown@lahey.org.

Questions and comments for the Education Committee may be directed to David J. Schoetz Jr., MD at 781.744.8889 and/or David.J.Schoetz@lahey.org.   

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As a research center and teaching hospital of Tufts University School of Medicine, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers patients access to clinical trials of new therapies for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cataracts. Research programs at

Grant Opportunities

Applications are accepted each year in May. They will be scored by the Advisory Council, Research Grants & Oversight Committee and Education Committee and applicants will be notified shortly after the deadline. To apply, complete the application and budget. The