Donor Relations Online

Lahey sincerely appreciates each gift and every donor. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of Lahey donors' in inspiring, recognizing and celebrating their generosity!


Giving Level  Honor Roll Listing  Lobby Display 
$1,000 - $9,999 given in a fiscal year. Listed in Lahey's annual philanthropic report. -----------------

$10,000 or more given in a fiscal year or lifetime giving to Lahey totals $50,000 or more.

Listed in Lahey's annual philanthropic report. Listed on wall display in main lobby at Burlington.


Lahey Donor Recognition Societies

Donor Recognition Listings

To let us know your preference regarding recognition, send an e-mail to stating either:

  1. This is how I would like my/our name(s) to appear in all donor recognition listings for which I/we may qualify: _____________________________________


  2. I request that all my/our giving to Lahey be treated anonymously.