International Philanthropy

Charitable giving is certainly not unique to the United States.

Patients come to Lahey from all over the world, and when they wish to express gratitude for their excellent care, the Clinic receives gifts with many interesting postmarks: Hong Kong, Riyadh, London, Costa Rica, Monaco, Montreal. Please note, for donor recognition purposes, gifts received in foreign funds are credited at the average of the United States dollar exchange rate on the date of the gift transfer.


The Clinic has always provided care for a number of Canadians, and has received some extraordinary gifts from them.

The Canadian charitable tradition is very similar to that of the United States, and though Canadian tax law is arranged differently, its impact is almost identical. 

2011 Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation Update 


2009 Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation Update 

2008 Special Report to Canadian Donors 

Canadian Fellow Wins Award 


Special Donation Information
for Our Canadian Patients and Friends


Make your gift by mail: 

Canadian donors should make their checks payable to Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation. This foundation receives gifts from Canadian citizens and issues proper Canadian tax receipts to donors.

Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation

The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company

130 King St W 20th Floor

PO Box 430

Toronto, Ontario M5X 1K1