When Do You Want Your Gift To Be Used?

Giving Immediately

For pressing needs, you may wish to transfer assets outright so they will go directly to work on a crucial priority.


Giving for a Period of Time

You may wish to make a multi-year pledge to fund a project or program for a certain amount of time. Examples include three years of funding for a laser research project on retinal health, or a five-year program for nursing education.


Giving in Perpetuity as an Endowment

You may wish to have your gift added to the Clinic's permanent endowment, to provide income for the project of your choice each year thereafter.

To fully fund and be eligible to name and designate an endowment, donors must meet the following minimums. Gifts may be pledged over a period of up to five years, with the endowment fund being named when the minimum is reached.

Some examples of endowments at Lahey include:  

  • Fellowship: $1 million(for post-doctoral training and research)
  • Research Fund or Education Fund: $250,000
  • Departmental or Program Fund: $100,000
  • Lectureship: $50,000