• Donating Organs After Death

    Deciding to donate your organs after your death is a gift beyond compare. The availability of organs from deceased donors is very limited. Many people on the organ waiting list to receive a donated liver or donated kidney will die before one becomes available.

    After your death, you could help up to five or more people by donating multiple organs. If you suffer an accident and are declared legally dead, a member of the organ procurement organization (OPO) will ask your family for authorization to harvest your organs. The OPO is not allowed to obtain your organs without your family's consent.

    After the organs have been harvested, the OPO transports them to the transplant centers of the intended recipients. Once the donated organs have been removed, the body of the deceased donor is prepared according to the family’s wishes. The donor can still have an open-casket funeral, if so desired by the family.

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