• BREEZE TRANSPLANT Program at Lahey

    BREEZE TRANSPLANT™ is an online program from the Transplant Department at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center to help facilitate organ donations from living donors. This program allows family members and friends of people who need a liver or kidney transplant to determine if they are potential candidates for donation.

    The goal of the program is to make it easier for patients to ask a loved one or friend for an organ donation, and to help eliminate any pressure on potential donors. It also can help a potential organ donor take the initial steps toward donation.

    Benefits of Live Organ Donation

    The availability of organs from deceased donors is very limited, particularly in New England. Live donation is a gift of life that has many benefits for recipients over receiving organs from deceased donors.

    Living liver donation is possible because the liver is capable of full regeneration. When a portion of the liver is removed from a donor and given to a recipient, the liver in both individuals can grow back to normal size. Learn more about live liver donation. 

    Living kidney donation is possible because while we have two kidneys, we actually need only one to lead a perfectly healthy life. Learn more about live kidney donation. 

    Want to Become a Living Donor?

    If you are interested in being a living donor, click here to complete online Health History Questionnaire. The information you provide is confidential and can only be accessed by members of the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center donor team. This information will not be shared with the recipient or others.

    Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will contact you to review your candidacy. If you are unable to complete the online version of our questionnaire, you may contact the donor team via email at LaheyLivingDonor@Lahey.org or by calling 781-744-2500.

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