• Kidney Transplant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What are the pros and cons of kidney transplantation?

    A: The pros are increased life expectancy, better health, more free time because dialysis is no longer needed, and lower long-term costs, because dialysis over time is more expensive. The cons are potential surgical complications, potential kidney rejection, and possible infections due to the immunosuppressant medications described above.

    Q: How do I get referred to the kidney transplant program?

    A: You can be referred to the kidney transplant program by your primary care physician or your nephrologist, or you can self-refer by calling 781-744-2550.

    Q: How long is the wait for a kidney transplant?

    A: Kidney waiting list times vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the availability of deceased donor kidneys or your compatibility with a living kidney donor. Our team can give you an idea of the wait time for a kidney after you are assessed.

    Q: How are donor kidneys obtained?

    A: Living donor kidneys are obtained from friends and family of the recipient and from altruistic donors who either contact Lahey directly or through organ donation agencies such as New England Organ Bank or United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Deceased donor kidneys are obtained through the UNOS wait list and come from a person who has passed away and he/she or their family has decided to donate his or her organs.

    Q: How do I donate a kidney?

    A: If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor, either for a friend or family member or for any patient in need, contact the Kidney Transplant program at 781-744-5366.

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