• Pre Transplant Evaluation for Kidney Donors

    Before being accepted as a kidney donor, our team will conduct four phases of medical and psychosocial evaluations to make sure that you are healthy enough to endure the physical stress of kidney donation surgery and the recovery process.

    Phase I kidney donor evaluation includes:

    • Creatinine blood test
    • Blood type test
    • Urinalysis
    • Health history
    • Psychosocial evaluation

    Phase II kidney donor evaluation includes:

    • Education and consent
    • Physical exam
    • Tissue-matching blood test
    • Consultations with Donor Coordinator, Transplant Nephrologist and ILDA (Independent Living Donor Advocate)
    • Glucose tolerance test (if needed)

    Phase III kidney donor evaluation includes:

    • Chest x-rays  Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • Consultations with the Donor Surgeon, Pharmacy, Financial Services, Nutrition, and Social Work

     Phase IV kidney donor evaluation includes:

    • CT scan
    • Cross-matching blood test
    • Pre-op teaching 
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