• Liver Transplant Support Services at Lahey

    Your transplant social worker is an important member of your care team. Social workers are licensed mental health professionals who can help you address any transplant related emotional issues that may come up. They are experts in helping transplant patients and their families understand and cope with chronic illness and transplantation. They are also direct links to community resources that offer practical assistance and support.

    Transplant social workers provide counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families with the goal of helping you make positive changes in your life. In addition, transplant support groups are available as an open forum for you to learn about your disease and the transplant process. To contact a liver transplant social worker at Lahey who can help guide you and your family members through the liver transplantation process, please call 781-744-2500.

    Additional Help for Stress and Anxiety 

    Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or frightened while waiting for a liver is common. Running into hardships is to be expected during this period, so try to be patient and don’t hesitate to express your feelings with your family, friends, doctors, and nurses.

    If you find your feelings are especially hard to cope with, ask the liver transplant team to refer you to a mental health specialist near your home who can provide you with additional help.

    Asking Someone to Donate 

    If you plan to ask someone to donate a portion of their liver to you, we can help you begin the conversation. Your potential donor should not be pressured to volunteer; it is necessary that donors have a willingness to participate. We offer in-house counselors who can help your family or friends make the decision about whether donation is right for them.

    If your liver donor decides that he or she is ready to begin the application process, the donor should start by completing the BREEZE TRANSPLANT Questionnaire which will ask a few questions to help determine whether or not they are potential candidates for donation.

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