• Transplant Team Staff

    Working together with our transplant physicians are these additional transplant team members whose specific expertise and training contribute greatly to the highest level of care we provide to Lahey’s transplant patients.

    Transplant Administrator

    Stacey L. Doll, MPA

    Transplant Coordinators 

    Nurse transplant coordinators are responsible for providing nursing care, education and support to transplant candidates, patients active on the transplant waiting list and post-transplant patients, both in the hospital and in the community. Patient, family, live-donor and nursing colleague education is an integral part of the transplant nurse coordinator's role.

    • Lynn Allison, BSN, RN 
    • Tracey Barnaby, RN 
    • Amanda Goulart, BSN, RN
    • Betsy Gray-Chzran  
    • Dawn Haggerty, BSN, RN 
    • Linda Mulvihill, BSN, RN 
    • Amanda Keough, BSN, RN 
    • Danielle Noonan, RN 
    • Alicia Parrot, ASN, RN 

    Transplant Quality Manager 

    • M. Anne Tellier   

    Transplant Research 

    • Mary Ann Simpson, PhD 
    • Director, Clinical Research 
    • Agnes Trabucco, BS, MTASCP 
    • Clinical Study Coordinator 
    • Erick Marangos 
    • Research Assistant  

    Transplant Pharmacy 

    • Shannon Wiehe, Pharm. D., BCPS    

    Independent Living Donor Advocate 

    • Jonathan Metcalf, MSW, LICSW 

    Transplant Social Workers 

    • Eric Richman, MSW, LICSW 
    • Merle Kushner, MSW, LICSW  

    Transplant Nutrition 

    • Kristen Fu, RD 

    Transplant Financial Coordinators 

    • Patricia Hogan
    • Lynn Huot, BA
    • Sophia Karampekios

    Database Managers 

    • Karen Jeter, BS 
    • Cathy Taylor 

    Administrative Staff 

    • Robert Burns 
    • Denise Corcoran 
    •  Maria Pelrine 
    •  Roseanne Reynolds
    • AE Sitthixay 
    • Evelyn Soeun 
    • Johana Sosa 
    • Vilayphone Soundara
    • Concetta Tricomi
    • Patricia Young    

    Transplant Clinic Staff

    • Lois Daponte, LPN
    • Amina Shaikh
    • Sara Umana-Gonzalez

    Additional Departments Routinely Involved in Care of Transplant Patients 
    Anesthesiologists at Lahey

    Many members of the Department of Anesthesia participate in the care of transplant donors and recipients. Their activities are coordinated by the chair and the head of Transplant Anesthesiology.

    Infectious Diseases 


    Blood Bank 





    Lahey has cancer physicians who specialize in treating tumors of the liver and bile ducts and collaborate with members of the department to assure that patients with these types of tumors receive optimal, coordinated medical and surgical care.

    • Keith E Stuart, MD  
    • Professor of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine 
    • Chair of Hematology Oncology 
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