• Patient Education Videos

    Here are videos that can help you better understand your condition or procedure.


    Heart Failure

    Living with Heart Failure: A Guide for Patients


    This video from the Heart Failure Society of America explains heart failure, its symptoms and available treatment options.

    Heart Failure: Medications


    This video explains the importance of taking medications to help people manage heart failure. It describes the common types of medications and how they work.

    Heart Failure: Nutrition and Exercise


    This video explains that what people with heart failure eat will have a big impact on how they feel. It stresses the importance of limiting sodium and explains how to. The video also mentions the importance of staying active when you have heart failure and provides some physical activity tips and guidelines.


    Heart Surgery

    Preparing for Heart Surgery: Coronary Artery Bypass (CABG)


    This video will help you better understand heart surgery. It explains how to take an active role in preparing for your surgery and in recovering from it.

    Heart Surgery: First Days of Recovery


    This video describes what you may experience the first few days after having heart surgery.

    Leaving the Hospital After Heart Surgery


    This video gives an overview of what to expect before you leave the hospital after heart surgery. It also describes the care you’ll need during the first few weeks of recovery.

    Heart Surgery Recovery: Emotions and Relationships


    This video will teach you and your loved ones how to cope with the emotions that many patients feel after heart surgery.