• Sophia Gordon Cancer Center

    The Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, is one of the locations of Lahey’s renowned Sophia Gordon Cancer Center. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality cancer care in a compassionate, safe and patient-centered environment.

    Our treatment philosophy is rooted in teamwork, ease of access and patient empowerment. Recognizing that each patient’s oncology needs are unique, we offer a full range of treatment options for our patients to choose from.

    Every patient is encouraged to review all options with our medical team, and is an important part of the decision-making process. Once a cancer treatment has been chosen, the team then develops a plan that is best-suited to the individual’s needs, allowing the patient to weigh in on preferences and priorities.

    Embracing a team approach to cancer care, involving the patient every step of the way, allows us to pave the way for superior outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and, most important of all, a higher rate of cancer survivorship.

    Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, is located at One Essex Center Drive in Peabody, Massachusetts, just north of Boston.

    To make an appointment or for more information, please call 978.538.4120.


    For patients having chemotherapy, Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, features an 18-chair infusion center with beautiful views of our new Healing Garden. Our patients are served lunch during their treatment and have access to their own televisions. Our nurses are oncology-certified with a specialization in chemotherapy biotherapy.

    Radiation Oncology

    At Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, we offer advanced state-of-the art radiation oncology in a compassionate and community-based environment. We have complete photon, electron and brachytherapy capabilities, and on-board imaging using cone beam CT.

    We treat our patients using the latest high-tech cancer-fighting therapies, including conformal 3-D therapy, IMRT, VMAT, IGRT, stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SBRT), high-dose-rate brachytherapy (HDR) and low-dose-rate brachytherapy (LDR).

    STAR Program® Certification

    Cancer treatments can be toxic and may cause pain, fatigue and disability. Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, has earned certification from the STAR Program® (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation), a nationally recognized program designed to improve the lives of people experiencing side effects from cancer treatment.

    Our physicians, nurses, nutritionists, therapists and other caregivers have undergone rigorous rehabilitation training by oncology experts. The focus is on relieving treatment-related symptoms such as pain, weakness, fatigue, memory and concentration issues, lymphedema, balance and gait problems, and more. We also collaborate with other community providers to offer survivorship support.

    Our Treatment Services

    Cancer treatment services available at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, include:

    • Comprehensive breast radiotherapy, allowing for minimal radiation exposure to a patient’s heart, lungs and normal tissue
    • Comprehensive stereotactic body radiotherapy, for patients with medically inoperable lung cancer and certain tumors of the liver, spine, brain, abdomen and pelvis, as well as some benign tumors and conditions
    • Full radiosurgery and radiotherapy capabilities, including robotic targeting and sophisticated motion tracking
    • Comprehensive high-dose-rate brachytherapy for breast, gynecologic, lung, esophageal and prostate cancers, as well as skin cancer

    We also offer state-of-the-art cancer screenings, including breast tomosynthesis (3-D mammograms), CT colonography and low-dose CT lung screening for those at high risk for developing lung cancer.