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    Patient undergoing a mammogram.Lahey's Breast Imaging Center is committed to providing the most compassionate and technologically advanced care to all of our patients. Working closely with the specialists at Lahey's Breast Center, we make sure each woman is evaluated individually and that further breast care is customized to her needs and the findings on her breast studies.

    Progressive imaging technologies such as breast specific gamma imaging (also known as breast scintigraphy) and PET scanning are currently available at Lahey to help supplement mammography and ultrasound. With the help of these leading edge technologies, clinicians can often provide faster and more accurate results to patients.

    Breast imaging at Lahey also includes breast ultrasound and breast MRI which are both complementary to the mammogram, the mainstay of breast imaging.

    Importance of Annual Screening

    Screening mammography is recommended annually for women age 40 and over. Screening annually has proven to decrease breast cancer mortality and allows for less aggressive treatment options by finding cancer earlier.

    For your mammogram appointment, we will need any prior mammograms you may have had outside of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Please fill out this form for Burlington  and fax it to (781)744-3738.if you would like us to request them for you. If you don't have access to a fax, our mailing address is on the form.  Breast imaging accreditation 

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