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At the Lahey Health Cancer Institute (LHCI), we not only work closely with you as our patient, but also with your family and significant others.

We Listen to Your Concerns

Bruce and his wife walkingWe help you and your loved ones understand and weigh treatment options. We listen closely to everyone’s needs and concerns, because that helps achieve the best results for you. And we focus on what’s right for you and your family.

Family Members Genetic Testing What to Expect Meeting with the Team

Family Members Are Welcome

LHCI considers loved ones to be part of your care team. We know how important it is to have the support of family and friends – and how important it is for us to support your loved ones as well during your cancer treatment.

With your consent, family members and significant others are welcome to attend appointments and discussions with the care team. They also are permitted to stay with you during chemotherapy if such treatments are part of your care plan.

Fertility Counseling and Genetic Testing

If you are concerned about how your treatment might affect future plans to have a child, we offer fertility counseling services. We also offer genetic testing for you and family members, to look for certain markers that could help guide treatments and decision making.

What to Expect at LHCI

Here is an overview of what you and your family can expect at your first meeting at the Lahey Health Cancer Institute:

  • The meeting could last over an hour.
  • We will explain the roles of medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, patient navigator, and others who may be involved in your care.
  • We will explain any preparatory work that needs to be done – lab work, imaging studies, etc.
  • We will talk about your medical history and background, to ensure all the facts we have are correct.
  • Our goal at the end of the meeting is for you and your family to leave with confidence and a clear understanding of your care plan.

Meeting With the Care Team

Each Lahey Health-affiliated hospital has multidisciplinary clinics that offer patients and families the opportunity to have a consultation with a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and social worker/behavioral oncologist to review and discuss treatment options and recommendations.

Patient-family Focus
An example of our patient-family focus is Winchester Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, a group of volunteer patients, family members of patients, and Winchester Hospital clinicians and administrators who meet bimonthly with the goal of improving the hospital’s programs and overall quality and safety.