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If you have been told you have breast cancer and breast surgery is recommended, you can turn with confidence to the experienced and caring breast surgeons at the Lahey Health Cancer Institute (LHCI).

Breast-Conserving Surgery

Surgeons in surgerySurgery for breast cancer has been performed for centuries, but today’s techniques are more refined than ever before – and Lahey Health’s breast surgeons are experts in performing them. Their focus is to work with each woman to achieve her goals to be cancer-free while achieving the best cosmetic outcome.

Most women diagnosed at Lahey Health with breast cancer are candidates for breast-conserving surgery, which includes lumpectomy. This in large part is due to LHCI’s excellent breast screening and diagnostic technology that can find cancer in its earliest stages.

Reconstructive Surgery

For women who are not candidates for breast conserving surgery, which is those women having a mastectomy, LHCI offers reconstructive breast surgery that includes the option for skin-sparing and/or nipple-sparing techniques for those who qualify. Our goal is to actively take care of your cancer while providing you with the best cosmetic results.

Our surgeons’ many years of experience in breast cancer treatment has made them experts in their field. They perform some of the most advanced breast cancer surgery and reconstruction available today. The majority of women are now candidates for breast reconstructions performed at the same time as a mastectomy.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)

LHCI is the only provider in the region to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) as part of partial breast irradiation for women pursuing breast-conserving surgery. This procedure allows the patient to have a lumpectomy and a radiation treatment in the same day in the operating room.