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The Lahey Health Cancer Institute (LHCI) offers the latest tools and techniques for screening and diagnosing genitourinary cancer, which includes prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer, and adrenal cancer.

More Options Than Ever Before

A doctor meeting a patient in an exam roomWe offer more weapons than ever before in the fight against genitourinary cancer. At LHCI, people who previously had few – or no – therapeutic options can benefit from a wide range of comprehensive, evidence-based approaches to treat their cancer while preserving their quality of life.

Team of Providers If Cancer is Confirmed Individualized Care

A Team of Providers

At LHCI, providers from various disciplines come together to diagnose genitourinary cancer and form a treatment plan, including radiologists, surgical oncologists, genitourinary surgeons, pathologists, and other experts.

Many types of genitourinary cancer are curable when discovered and treated appropriately in their early stages. Our goal is to provide precise diagnosis and staging of a tumor to help guide the most appropriate treatment plan.

If Cancer is Confirmed

If your test results show genitourinary cancer, be assured that you will not be in it alone. We will pair you with a patient navigator to help guide you through treatment decisions and survivorship. We will support you, educate you, and treat you according to best practices and the highest clinical standards.

Individualized Care

Treating prostate cancer requires a truly individualized approach. Older men with slow-growing tumors may choose not to be treated, as it may be many years before the cancer becomes life-threatening. At LHCI, men under age 70 and those with aggressive tumors are given a wide range of treatment options to consider.