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Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It may make it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get restful sleep. It may be:

  • Short-term (acute)⏤lasts a few days to a few weeks
  • Long-term (chronic)⏤lasts more than 4 weeks

Insomnia may cause problems during the day, such as:

  • Tiredness
  • Problems focusing
  • Irritability

Insomnia is not a disease. It is the symptom of an underlying mental or physical problem. There are many causes of insomnia.

Short-term insomnia is often due to temporary situations. It often happens to people who have:

  • A life crisis or stress
  • A change in the sleep environment, including:
  • Noise
  • Light, or
  • Temperature
  • Sleep/wake schedule problems⏤such as with jet lag or shift work
  • Side effects of medicine

Long term insomnia often results from a medical condition. Examples include:

Long term insomnia may be caused by lifestyle or behaviors. These may include:

  • Misuse of nicotine , , alcohol , or other substances
  • Disrupted sleep/wake cycles⏤from shift work or other nighttime activity schedules
  • Long term stress

For some people, insomnia is aggravated by 2 common responses:

  • Worry about sleeping, or
  • Excessive napping in the afternoon or evening
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