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Cancer is a disease in which cells grow in an abnormal way. Cells divide without control or order. These cells grow together to form a tumor. They can invade and damage nearby tissues. They can also spread to other parts of the body.

Not all tumors are cancer. Those that are cancer are called malignant. Ovarian cancer is when cancer cells start and grow in one or both ovaries. The ovaries make female hormones and eggs for reproduction.

Cancer Cell Growth
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There are different types of ovarian cancer. They include:

  • Epithelial—the most common, found on the surface of the ovary
  • Germ—from the reproductive cells
  • Stroma—rare, from the connective cells

Ovarian cancer can spread to nearby structures in the belly cavity. The cancer can also spread to nearby lymph nodes or blood vessels. Lymph nodes and blood vessels can carry cancer cells to other parts of the body. Ovarian cancer to spread to lymph nodes in other parts of the body. Other common places this cancer spreads are the lungs, liver, and bones.

Cancer in the Left Ovary
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