Coping with the daily challenges of diabetes management can add stress to your life. It is one more thing you need to think about each day. But stress can also come from other areas of your life – family, work, friends. And all stress will have a direct impact on how well you manage your diabetes.

Of course, it is impossible to completely avoid stress. So instead, find healthy ways to cope with it.

Stick to your routine. Be sure to get enough rest and to take your medications. Make healthy food choices, and exercise as usual.

Lastly, find time to relax and enjoy life. Remember, diabetes is only one part of your life.

Relaxing hobbies and spending time doing activities you enjoy can help keep things in perspective and help you refocus on what’s important.

Once you discover activities you enjoy, don’t forget to make time to include them in your daily routine.

You may also want to include specific relaxation techniques to further take your mind off any stress or negative emotions. Listening to music, deep breathing exercises, guided imagery, visualization, yoga, acupuncture or biofeedback can help you relax, regroup and give you the energy to continue managing your diabetes daily.

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