Supplement Forms/Alternate Names :

  • Garcinia cambogia
  • HCA
  • Hydroxycitrate


Hydroxycitric acid is a compound found in the garcinia cambogia fruit. It has been used to help promote weight loss. Hydroxycitric acid can be taken by eating the garcinia cambogia fruit or drinking its juice. It can also be taken as a pill or powder.


250 to 800 milligrams 3 times daily

What Research Shows

May Not Be Effective

Editorial process and description of evidence categories can be found at EBSCO NAT Editorial Process.

Editorial process and description of evidence categories can be found at EBSCO NAT Editorial Process.

Safety Notes

It may be safe to take hydroxycitric acid in small doses for a short time, but liver damage from garcinia is possible. B1-B3 Not enough studies have been done to say whether it is safe to use for a long period. It is also not known whether it is safe to take by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Talk to your doctor about any supplements or therapy you would like to use. Some can interfere with treatment or make conditions worse.


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REFB Safety

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