You can manage your weight by watching how much you eat and making small changes in what you eat.

For instance, eat smaller portions. Most prepared meals in restaurants or at home, are too large. Eating healthy portions helps you limit the amount of calories you eat.

Here are few ways to watch your portions:

Order smaller meals.

Eat slowly and only until you are full.

Split the entrée before you even begin eating, so you aren’t tempted.

At home, use measuring tools and the food label so you know the number of calories you are actually eating.

Use a smaller plate. A correct serving size on a big plate may not look like enough food, but if you use a smaller plate, it will satisfy both your eyes and your belly.

Be mindful as you eat. If you are reading, doing work or watching TV, it is easy to lose track and eat more than you actually need.

You can make small changes to help reach and stay at a healthy weight. For example, if you drink whole milk, try non-fat or low fat milk instead. Instead of French fries or potato salad, eat a baked or sweet potato. Try non-fat yogurt with your own fresh fruit, instead of ice cream. Snack on carrots or celery. You can steam vegetables or brown rice instead of frying. Use fat and flavor substitutes instead of adding butter or margarine. And cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink, as it contains calories as well.

Try working in something new and healthy each week, and then make it part of your regular eating habits.

Plan meals ahead of time, so you already have the healthier choices on hand.

Watching your portions and making healthier food choices will help you to manage your weight.

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